What is SHD Resistentia? We are a sports-charity Organisation that is looking to connect an active way of living to charity by raising money for less fortunate people. We will be attending mass sport events to raise awareness and to raise money. We will organise fund-raising events such as auctions of signed sports memorabilia (either live or online auctions) and all profit made from these auctions and sport events will be devoted to those in need of a helping hand.

Other projects we will be working on in the near future are “Every basket counts” – our copy of what the world famous Fill my basket team does. We plan on organising short trips for kids and parents in the nature.

One of the things we look forward to is our “Magenta Chariday”. We plan on having two such “events” every year.

One will take place on 5th September as it is the International Charity day.

The second one will take place one day before the “black friday” shopping masturbation. We will encourage  people to give what they feel they need to spend on useless gadgets to charity. It’s not what we buy or what we have – it’s what we do with what we have!

Some other things we’re looking forward to do is being “sponsors” to less fortunate kids. With a monthly fee of 30 EUR per kid we will help as many as possible achieve their dreams. We also plan on becoming sponsors for kids who excel in sports but have financial problems. Kids leaving sports because they cannot afford to pay practice costs or equipment is not an option. With the raised funds we will get in contact with young athletes and help them achieve their goals.

Help us help them!

If you want to help, want to be of any assistance, have any suggestions etc – feel free to contact us at info@resistentia.eu

Resistance pays off